Monday, 24 September 2007

I wen to the gym yesterday and was feeling miserable. It was sunday and that too a sunny one! Man how I wished I could have simply slumped on my couch the whole day and fade into oblivion. However life as it is pushed me to my gym and when I started my regular routine I couldnt help but notice that some idiot in the management had actually put on a CD of love songs on the gym audio system! Just what you need to really prep you up and make you want to work out and sweat on a lazy songs! Lol!

All said and done, one of them songs really caught my attention. I came back home, googled the lyrics and here it is! While this does not reflect my state of mind in anyway whatsoever I find this song pretty well done. The music is soothing for once and some bits in the lyrics are actually good. Better than the Kayne West, Timberlake, Rihanna brands which have been polluting the air space lately.

Simply Red - So Not Over You lyrics


  1. Sweetstickychewy said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Sweetstickychewy said...
    Hello There..

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Pretty puzzled on the "if" comment though. Wished you explained more.:)

    Nice song there. And yeah love songs in a gym? Never heard that one

    At least there was something beautiful discovered through it.

    morinn said...
    songs by simply red tend to be quite deep. but love songs in the gym! aargh.
    John F said...
    hey SweetChewey (can i simply call you gum for future references please?) thanks for visiting! though I wish you had gone through some other posts rather than this stupid video! :-D

    Morinn I had the same reaction yesterday! And that too on a beautiful lazy sunday afternoon!
    Sweetstickychewy said...
    Yeah sure 'gum' sounds fine. 'Sweetgum' sounds

    And heyz i did browse through ya other post and read this post. Something about the gym playing a love song. And another about you strectching.:)

    Have a good day!:D

    annie said...
    John love songs in gym...wot you upto o'boy!
    Ishvara said...
    There is nothing wrong with Kanye West. Now if you had said 50 Cent. I would have toasted to that.
    John F said...
    Lol annie I am upto only losing flab and building back muscles on!

    Ishvara: There is nothing wrong with Kayne West, its his music I dont agree with ;-)..ahh to each man his own!
    Anonymous said...
    Humorous and laughing :)
    Mirage said...
    Pretty ironical for me to have stumbled upon ur blog and onto this particular post. Nothin else could better define my present state of mind...

    Nice blog tho... :)
    John F said...
    Thanks Ashu.

    Welcome to my eccentric world Mirage, hope you like it here!

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