Sunday, 18 August 2013

I have never done this in the past but this beautiful Ghazal demands of me that I spread it to whoever might want to listen to it and help translate it.

This is the media file

And here is an absolutely beautiful, apt and perfect translation of this poetry which preserves its essence as it was meant by the original poet

Monday, 8 July 2013

He was burnt. His ashes scattered across the multitude of this time space continuum, across the infinity of this multiverse. His essence sliced and diced and shredded and finally spread ever so thin ever so precisely that he lost his sense of being.

Aloof he spun. Across countless ages, across countless eons. He floated with the cosmic dust, got burnt by shooting comets, was consumed by gaping black holes, vaporized by exploding supernovas until finally he was lost somewhere within the fading memories of time.

He entered his purgatory.

Then he heard it. Something somewhere deep within what was once him. A call. A faint yet distinguished cry. His name. Something somewhere in one of his countless distributed ephemeral specks of dust stirred. It called out to him.

And the multiverse laughed. A deep guttural throaty laugh. A laugh laced with pity and drunk with its own supremacy. It echoed from the gaping, yawning icy depths of the the Malebolge where the dark forces stirred too. Ever so keen to indulge in the carnal pleasures of feasting on a soul lest that soul should find its path again - they laughed, they danced, they sharpened their hooves and their claws and their fangs. They lit their fires, the waiting pyres yet again. Overjoyed. Waiting.

The speck spoke again. It said one word – No.


Not again. Not this time. No.

The narrative was faint, weak. Merely beyond a whisper, barely an audible. Yet that No reverberated. It resonated. It permeated the ether of this cosmic energy and it entered the hum of creation. It disturbed the patterns of destruction. It found matter and anti-matter and dark energy and forced them all together within the confines of a singularity. It was merciless, unstoppable and like a star collapsing under its own weight it tugged at every bit of me all across the infinity.

Carnal. Visceral. Nigh feral. Of the tug at the strings.

Slowly but firmly his ashes came together. Bound together and drawn mercilessly by the resounding echo of this one oh so negative a word they flew as one towards the speck which spoke. The worshippers of Lucifer oh how they shied away. They cowered, they hushed. They sliced themselves open and drenched the lit pyres with their satanic, demonic blood lest they draw the wrath of this one speck, this ever growing entity that is now submitting everything in its path to resonate with its own rhythm.

He was forming again. Bound in part by his name and in part by the single No he was coming together again. Slowly, gradually the ashes took his shape. Still fragile, still ephemeral, still bleeding yet somehow they stuck together.

And then it peaked. The disturbance, the resonance, the hum of this energy. It reached its crescendo.
With the force of countless stars it exploded annihilating the entirety that it touched. It fused matter and energy into one amorphous creation which it pushed into his faltering silhouette.

He drank. He soaked. He gaped and gulped and consumed this combined medley that was pushed into him. 

He let it flow through him. The pain was searing; burning. Rivers of red hot scorching lava flew through him fusing his name together into a concrete shape.

He was reborn. The last remnants of the molten red pools glowing softly in his eyes He stood in the deafening silence of destruction.

He was complete. Fists clenched, head bowed, eyes shedding blood and taught sinews and rippling muscles glistening with sweat - He was ready.


Monday, 29 April 2013

Roll me a weed, light me a candle, strum me a guitar, coo me a Floyd and let my world go to cinders all around me.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Hey People!

Apologies about my absence but I have been very busy recently with lots of things happening here in my life. For starters I got myself a new job, had to buy another car and am also moving house!

I promise to be back very soon!

Keep checking!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

An evening perched precariously on the edge of sanity swaying intoxicatingly between the realms of soberness and freedom, a cube of ice melting its essence in the warm embrace of single malt scotch, a laptop cooing songs that drape a veil on vision, a tear dancing on the verge of lips crooked with sarcastic smile whispering their silent prayers to the heavens above and their darkest desires to the Satan below , some random images of a past life fluttering all around as beautiful butterflies enlightened with the joys felt and a half sober mind helplessly and hopelessly striving to catch them and put them together to make a coherent picture, few broken fingers trying to capture this mixed torrent of thoughts, experiences, memories and emotions while they dance their broken dance on this keypad and caught between these interdependent elements of my existence my dwindling self........

A perfect evening

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The title of the post says it all.

Last week I found a shiny red Japanese passport lying idle near Piccadilly Circus calling out to whoever might pay attention. It was around 6 in the evening and the area was absolutely choked by the usual stereo typed well suited purposeful looking filthy rich stiff lipped hedge funders, camera touting tourists who don't care if they trip you while clicking a stupid photo or trip themselves or worst yet drop their camera which results in a shriek of horror from the person who dropped the camera followed by a mad scramble by the stupid grinning posing idiot and a few concerned passerby.

Anyways so here I was with a bright big "I am going back home after a tiring day get out of my way else I will elbow you" written all over my forehead when suddenly my eyes catch the reflection from this bright shiny thing lying next to the bus stop. Amused at something other than puke, urine, rubbish or empty beer can that is on this famous British road my curiosity got better of me and I stooped to pick it up triggering an almost nuclear chain of tripping people. I knew was causing the most heinous crime that you can at this time and place in Britain still I stopped and picked it up valiantly punching back the hard stares I knew were stabbing my back. Then I did the most amazing thing you can do at 6:00 pm on Piccadilly Circus on a weekday, I stopped to examine my find!

Yes people I completely and truly and pointedly stopped even after picking up something from the street and I started examining it! Do you realize what this means! I was now almost an island that mysteriously rose out of a maddening swarming ocean and proclaimed his place and stood to defend it. I was the statement, the embodiment of the fact that humans can still act on impulse without following a monotonous repetitive robotic life. I was the person the leader the rebel who said NO! Enough is enough! This is the moment when I stop. This is the moment when I don't care I will miss my train back or come last in a stupid race in which I don't even know how many people are running. This is the moment when I wield my free will as my blade slicing through this veil of monotonicity that has been draped over my conscience.

Piccadilly Circus

What absolute load of crap. I had actually stopped because a passing woman had noticed me picking it up and has promptly skipped over to my side trying to look over my shoulder at what is it I might have picked up. I had to fend her off saying I am going to return this which I fully intend to do (after ahem maybe checking some prices on!?)

So I come back with this passport in my pocket and fire up my laptop. Here is what follows

1. Open up Mozilla
2. Go to
3. Type Japanese to English online translation.
4. Get excited seeing few hundred thousand clicks.
5. Realize you haven't achieved anything so far. Shut up and carry on.
6. Navigate to the first link in the result set.
7. Wait for the page to load.
8. Curse O2 broadband.
9. Curse the ISP of the site.
10. Curse O2 again.
11. Curse DARPA for coming up with internet.
12. Page finally loads up.
13. Open up passport quick!
14. Realize your laptop is 1800 BC model that can only type in English and though you have support for other languages built in it would be a momentous task to get even a single character in this script printed on the online translator.
15. Curse Gordon Brown and close the page down.

Hey come on. In GB, Mr. GB is your dart board in the pub. Whenever you are pissed, you are allowed to go in, have a pint or two while throwing darts. Given the current economic climate and his stewardship of the country this is completely allowed.

So here I was sitting and twiddling my thumb thinking of what to do next with this passport when it hit me. Facebook! OH YEAH! Let us track this babe down on facebook (now you know why I was so keen on returning the passport eh ;). No complicated steps this time. I know I know. Go to, open your profile, go to search people, type in her name and hit Enter. Voila! Just two results and one of them is what appears to be her!

Bingo! Jackpot! Yatzie! Goldmine!

Try to open her profile and realize hers is "friends only". Quickly send a message saying I have your passport and I shall guard it with my life until you can come and meet me over a coffee or maybe a drink in the bar with a dart board or maybe over a candle light cruise over a cerize evening sailing over Thames..I mean take your pick I am not really a fussy guy here.

Thames at night

Get whacked over my head with a book by the Mrs bringing me back to my reality...Doh! I am married!

Well anyways the message has been sent, my work here is done. Now as soon as I get her details I would dispatch the passport by Royal Mail pronto!

If only things were this easy. Two days and no response. I thought maybe she was so distressed over losing her passport that she didn't bother logging over the internet. So I did what any sane person would do. I

1. opened up Mozilla.
2. navigated to
3. searched for Japan+embassy+london
4. few results. No adrenaline, no excitement. I don't focking care.
5. whack on the head again by the Mrs. Why? Marriage rule number 2. you never ask why. rule number 1. always follow rule 2.
6. click the first link.
7. page loads, magic!
8. curse Gordon Brown...its so become a part of me
9. scroll to contact us, note down the email id.
10. close the browser, write an email. Job done.

What next? Nothing. Tomorrow I should get an email saying what a great, kind, noble soul I am for taking this trouble for returning a passport. To show their gratitude they are giving me a completely paid royal holiday in Japan for 4 people (2 tickets going on ebay!) for 15 days starting when I want. And I shall also meet His Highness the king of Japan and the Queen of England who shall present me with knighthood. Oh the things I must do for humanity.

Tomorrow comes and goes. Day after tomorrow comes and goes. 3 days after tomorrow comes and goes. No email. Not even a bloody automated email stating a crappy message like "thank you for your email. We have recorded your email. Your case number is XXXXXXX. Someone from our we don't give shite deptt will contact you whenever he/she feels like it."

So here I am. A week since finding the passport. No leads, nothing. Maybe I should just hand it over to the next police personnel I come across on the street. Maybe I should just take it back and leave it next to the same bus stop and forget I ever found it. What do you suggest?

So much so for Japanese efficiency.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

This is so awesome!

This is one of the videos in a campaign by the UK government to promote road safety in the UK. Please see the video and leave us a comment telling us if you did it or not!



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