Monday, 31 December 2007

Jeez how utterly stupid of me! I forgot to mention that a news paper called The Bangalore Mirror that is owned by the Times Group and is published in Bangalore honored me by publishing my posts on Bangalore in their Blog Speak section. I am indebted to the news paper and to Mr. Balanarayan who made this possible. Here are the two scanned images of the two days when my posts were published. Though the order of publishing was a bit messed up with my second post being published on the 22nd of November and my First post being published on the 23rd but hey I ain't complaining!

And finally, heres wishing everyone a


Keep rocking everyone!

Friday, 14 December 2007

So I have a couple of friends whom I stay in touch with using various kinds of messengers. I was sitting idle the other day and was going through a list of people I have on various such IM softwares. I noticed a lot of people have various "enlightening" messages agains their names on my lists. You know those status things you can put against your name to tell the world something (don't know what!).

Many of these statuses were pretty heavy. Now you know me. I can be very thought provoking and philosophical at times, well mostly when I am drunk but the point is that I can be. People puke when they get drunk I go into my (often colloquial even if to myself) verbiage. However back to the point. So I was reading through these status messages and my deformed brain kinda went into an overdrive and started coming up with variations of these pretty thought provoking messages. I thought I would share some of these "Life - JFK style" thoughts with you.

Original - I had the blues because I had no shoes until I met a man on the street who had no feet
JFK - I had the blues as I had no shoes until I realized I had no socks too!

Original - I guess I could be pretty mad about what happens in this world but it is hard to stay so mad when there is so much beauty all around me.
JFK - I guess I could be pretty mad about what happens in this world but it is hard to stay so focussed when there is so much beer all around me.

Original - Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
JFK - Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be tried once. Now is the time to light that dope.

Original - If you're born an original, dont die a copy
JFK - If you're born an original, you're parents did it wrong.

Original - People laught because I am different, I laugh because they are all the same
JFK - People laugh because I am different, I laugh because they put me in the wrong ward!

Would keep adding to these as and when people give fodder to my starved mind. I would suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed. If you are using IE or Firefox it is pretty easy. You should see an icon like this

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And before I sign off, here is this special award I would like to award to this special lady in the pic below. This award is the "Dumbest blond of the year award" and it goes to


Monday, 10 December 2007

I am drunk.

I am drunk and I am alone and lonely and I am bored. I am strong and I am iron willed and I am headstrong. I am torn between what my head tells me and what my heart yearns for and if I am neither my heart nor my head then I don’t know who I am.

Who am I?


I live in this body. I use its senses to see to hear to touch to smell and to feel. I use this heart to desire to ache to yearn to love to loath to convulse in alternating pangs of yearning and desire and love and loathing and I use this brain to think and contemplate. I use this hand to pour my drink to light my cigarette and I use this mouth to savor them both. I fill these lungs with this poison and I use this respiratory system to exhale the spent lethal smoke out. I use this brain to think to analyze to morally chastise others and myself for doing what I do and yet I am not bound by the thoughts that I force this brain to think. I then make this brain contradict the same line of reasoning I made it rationalize with the arguments I forced upon it. I give it an alternate path of analytical and logical reasoning and I torture myself when this brain starts liking the contradicting line of thought I just gave it. I make my own chains, I put myself at the two ends of this “logical” rope and play tug of war with it and then I make this heart cry out with this pull from the two ends that I suffer and I make it yearn for these contradicting forces to stop which I had forced this brain to come up with in the first place.

What am I?


Caught between an intense emotional situation like death ( or a heartbreak ( or an innocent desire ( or a betrayal ( or simple pure exhaustion ( feel and I think. I react and yet I am detached. I stay in the situation playing around me in this world bound by the metaphysical laws defined by the equations of mathematics and theorems of physics and yet I float above the room in the hollow emptiness and watch the same situation passively from a distance impervious to all the emotional drama that is folding all around me. I then make this heart yearn to escape this multitude of sentiments pouring all around me and I command this brain to come up with an escape route. Then when this brain reminds me of the brilliant yet impossible conclusions of quantum mechanics I often find a black hole and use its gravitational field to tear across this universe and reach into another one which is a part of this multiverse to make myself content. Failing the availability of a black hole or a shooting start I simply pulverize myself and drift across the quantum foam present all around me to again reach another parallel universe. Yet I feel the tentacles of the same emotional drama reach me and lick me and burn me and what more, now that I have crossed the boundaries of my immediate universe and have escaped to one of the “n” possible universes I feel the simultaneous torture of all the possible emotional situations in all the possible infinite universes all together in all of my possible hearts in all of my possible bodies in all these universes and I burn in infinite infernos all at once. I am in this universe and that and another one all at once and I am caught in a whirlpool, a frenzied torrents of all possible sentiments which these muscular hearts are capable of realizing and I suffer them all at once.

Where am I?


I came into this universe as a byproduct of human love and in some other universes as a byproduct of pure simple lust. I was caught from that “place of eternal peace” known as the moksha or the pearly gates or jannat and was bound in this body and the others and was sentenced to spend some human years on this planet and all others. I was given an option called death to escape the cycle of time and a multitude of means to realize it but simultaneously I was bound by the magical ties called relations and was stripped of my ability to exercise a willing escape. I know not who am I know not I what am I and I know not where I am but I know for sure I am what I am and I shall never be what this heart desires.

I shall never be what my heart desires.


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