Friday, 24 August 2007

Yes this was long since pending and finally I got down to wrapping this up! These are my answers to the five questions which Bev asked me and now I am officially inducted in the interview a fello blogger sport! If you would like to be interviewed by me then

1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five

Now onto Bev's questions and my answers

1. Your lastest entry is titled "Angel" using both divine and horrific
imagery. Who or what exactly is symbolized by the "angel" in this
writing and why?

Well actually I do not plan my writings or the topics around which I would write. It seriously happens spontaneously at the spur of the moment. A fleeting image would flash in my brain and my fingers would start aching to start their tap dance on a keyboard. All I then do is sit back and let my fingers do the work. Most of my writings are completed within 15-20 minutes of my starting. Of course the feelings I portray or the images I paint come from my own experiences with this life. Yes they are mine but how and when do I chose to express them is something which gets decided by my fingers and my sub conscious brain. In this post Angel refers to a love lost sometime ago. I lost some more love recently but that would have to wait until I express it.

2. You mention quite often that your blog is a place to hide, but you've
also alluded to the fact that your writing allows glimpses into your
mind and soul. With that direction in mind, what do you hope to
accomplish for yourself through your writing?

I am not John. John is an alias, a mask behind which I hide but the life which this John lives is mine the feelings he feel come from my aching heart and the visions he shares he steals from my eyes. Yes this is place where I bare my soul but hide my mortal self. In real life or what we chose to call real life anyways I do not answer to the name of John, I do not look like John however yes I feel the pain John feels and I live each and every moment John lives. This is a place where I hide my mortal being and reveal my emotional self. My mortal self which I portray in my day to day life is at stark contrast with this. I am someone with a broad grin plastered on his face as if he ran into a solid brick wall and got this look plastered onto his face. My self which answers to the name I was given does not cry, he does not crib or cringe or ache or desire or distress or love or hate. That part I leave to John.

Whom would you rather know Bev, Kat?

3. If you could alter something in your life, large or small, what would
it be and why? (it's like your 5th year writing assignment again LOL)

Id alter the date my mom passed away. That was the day I stopped living my life and started living a life of responsibilities, taking decisions not for me but for my family. I so wish she were here, I so so so wish I could have completed my research, my higher ed. I so wish I could have taken that internship. Blessed with extraordinary IQ, intellect and logical analytical powers I was given the power to reach the sky and grab the sun but then the Lord piggy backed the world onto my shoulders and cut my flight short.

4. You describe some obnoxious woman as a "proton of positive charge".
How would you describe yourself in relation to the proton analogy?

Obnoxious! Lol!! She can be a pain at times but obnoxious, hell no!! Oopss I just swore, sorry Bev!

Whom do I describe here? John is quantum. He shifts, metamorphoses from proton to electron to neutron. He is flicker, ephemeral. One moment he would be on top of the world and proclaim himself as the king of the world ruling with his staff made of words the other he would be cringing to tell her how much he loves her and the next he would shut down his shell and cut himself off from any possible emotion. John feels every vibration this space time makes on his skin, he lives every orgasm he ever had with every passing second and he suffers all his heartbreaks with every beat of his heart.

Me….I am neutron. Shut down in my shell with lots of positivity and surrounded by negativity but impervious to any and to all. I do not care, I do not love, I do not demand, I don’t get sad and I grin like an idiot.

5. You've posted some wonderful writing on your blog and you've gotten a
lot of positive feedback and discussion. Do you feel your blog is a
success or quickly becoming one and, if not, what would you do
differently to achieve that goal?

I would beg Bev to please please please help me take this to a success. I have a reason, a motive behind this. No I do not want material comforts of money or publicity for myself. Yes I want to be famous, want to have my face plastered onto every tabloid, newspaper, tv channel all over the globe but I have reasons for this, reasons beyond your imagination or understanding and this heightens the divide between John and Me, we both want to be recognized and famous and rich but for Oh so radically different reasons.


  1. Vixious said...
    John, Thank you for answering the questions. I am pushy and nosy sometimes. I apologize for that. I selfishly wanted to know more about you. I am not sorry you answered the questions. As for your last answer, I can only encourage and offer advice and pray. I feel something building in the air. I think you're gonna be swept away if you just let yourself. :)
    morinn said...
    you've responded to all these questions truthfully and with much wisdom! hats off! ;)
    raving lunatic said...
    Bev please do not be so formal! I am thankfkul to you for asking all these questions and the reason I took so long to answer them was that I wanted to make sure I answer them as best as I could! Though I am afraid that you perhaps did not read all the answers diligently, I had asked you a question in one of the answers ;-)

    Morinn..which hat? the pink one? :P
    Lol! Thanks for your comment, one thing which I and John both share is honesty :-)
    Vixious said...
    LOL Now, John, you know me better than that. I read very diligently. :)

    I believe people can be two (or more) parts of the same whole. Each individual has their own combination of traits that create who they truly are... what they truly feel. I believe there are also many times attempts to compartmentalize the different parts for fear that some piece will be rejected by society as a part of the person they define you as. Honestly, you're the only person who can understand all the different aspects of you. They make you unique and complex. There's nothing wrong with that.

    On the other hand, I have no idea what question you're talking about. :)
    annie said...
    This is something new i have come still decidin whether to say interview!Ok am not ready yet..
    The Angry Barcode said...
    That was probably one of the most insightful interviews I've read. I can only say that I am honored to read your blog.

    Want to interview me?
    Jeya Anand said...
    man...that was great..ur answers just leave me u have MPD?..amazing blog u have got...will link u...whetevr be the reason, i wish u good luck...:)
    The Angry Barcode said...
    By the way, the interview itself was simply illuminating. Vixious, great job!
    raving lunatic said...
    thanks annie! Whenever you think you are ready let me know!

    Noelle - stop! you are making me blush now! Sorry about all this delay , you should have your questions in a day or two!

    Jeya, thank you for your comment. To be honest yes I have MPD but I am fortunate enough to be able to control it strictly!
    Ashu said...
    Good novel concept this. Would like to take up interview soon.

    Meanwhile good blog. Wisdomized one.


    Ashu (
    annie said...
    Hope u feelin better by the day. Frankly speakin, i feel worse :(
    annie said...
    hey..i think this sore heart is ready...interview me!!(Warn you there might be just pain and more pain in my answers).
    annie said...

    You can mail me on
    raving lunatic said...
    Annie would email you the questions pretty soon!

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