Monday, 23 March 2009

Where am I!

Hey People!

Apologies about my absence but I have been very busy recently with lots of things happening here in my life. For starters I got myself a new job, had to buy another car and am also moving house!

I promise to be back very soon!

Keep checking!


  1. Thespian said...
    Congratulations on all three! :)

    Good luck, n hope to see u soon
    John F said...
    Thanks :)
    Anonymous said...
    Congratulations! :)
    John F said...
    Thanks anonymous!
    Mirage said...
    Will you back in this liftime??
    John F said...
    I had to die so that my alter ego could adopt a semblance of accepted "normal life" as dictated by social protocols. My idiosyncrasies messed up his head. He seemed to believe what I dreamt of could someday become real for him.

    Jaz said...
    WOw MIA since 2009!! How you been JohnF?
    John F said...
    Thanks for coming around Jaz. I have been well. This life turned out to be quite a surprise actually which knocked me over a bit (not in a bad way). I know its been long but I still hope to return one day and continue dreaming from where I left off.

    Tempted to compare this to Neo leaving the make believe world of Matrix and venturing out in the real desolated world! Hope I get to return back to my Matrix before I meet my proverbial end too.

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