Friday, 17 February 2017


Crawl my dear friend. Crawl. Let those chaffed, broken, bruised, torn fingers dig in the soul of this scorched dilapidated earth and pull you closer iota by iota. Crawl my dear friend, crawl. Let the eyes shed the tears of sweat and blood, let the teeth grit and let the soul loosen a war cry of ……? But crawl my dear friend, crawl.

For there, beyond the edge of purgatory there lies you nirvana. Your moksha. You crawl to live a life beyond this realm beyond the manifested dimensions of metaphysical and karmic definitions. You crawl to leave yourself behind and be with yourself in a whole new entity unforeseen by all yet elucidated by the few who transcended that barrier. The being exalted in salvation in paeans in prayers and holy scriptures. You crawl to Him.

So crawl my dear friend, crawl.

Let the limp limbs hang lose behind you. Let the gnawing beasts dip in from the hell above and rip again and again into this mottled mass of blood and flesh that surround you. Don’t give up, not just yet. Fear not the raging fires of hell that erupt underneath you charring your flesh more. Fear not the cruel winds that pushes you further away from that illusive edge of the cliff. Fear not the elements, fear not the demons, fear not the hallucinations of life, sorrow, pain and death conjured by this myth of the universe. Fear nothing, ignore all.

Crawl my dear friend, crawl.


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