Monday, 20 October 2008

In a country apparently full of talent and IT proffessionals how difficult do you reckon is finding a "good" working partner?

Almost as hard as liking George W Bush or his policies.

I am so tired of scavenging numerous free lance coder sites trying to find one decent human who has the talent to write good HTML/CSS and Javascripts and most importantly who loves what he/she does. Evertime I drag my sceptical self to any of such sites and post a project I get hammered by idiots trying to rip me off my money. The worst part is not their intention but their beleif that I am stupid enough to not be able to see through their disguise and recognize the "Vikram" behind "Victor" and "Deepti" behind "Dorothy"! Most of these so called "pros" neither have a portfolio to show me nor do they have a single example of any of their previous work whatsoever. Top it with their "excellent" communication skills and grasp of language and you have a perfect recipie for disgust to headache in 5 minutes or less.

Let me also tell you about the prices I get quoted. For a simple HTML page with 2 widgets (most of which have ready HTML anyways) I get quoted 400 USD! 400 F*CKING USD! This "reasonable" amount was proposed by some Dorothy software based in....Dhakka Bangladesh. Then there is this "hello sir, I honest developer sir. I understand you sir, I do good work you see sir. I promise sir. Give me single chance sir." kind of guys from Mumbai, Delhi etc. etc. Don't get me wrong here guys I have absolutely no problems with the way someone speaks or communicates. It is the unprofessionalism that gets to my nerves. Most of these so called "good guys" have had no experience writing a professional page or worst still have no idea what Jquery is. When I ask them to show me their previous work they dissappear like money from stock markets. Do they seriously expect I would enter a legal contract with them without making sure what they are capable of?

All I want is a single good person who is honest and good with HTML/CSS. I have been running a web site for two years now. Back in 2006 when I launched the site it was the single unique implementation of the concept. I really suck at HTML/CSS and other such related stuff but I did it almost single handedly that time. The idea took off, was an instant hit and then I got ripped off by coke sipping teenagers from USA who had time on their hands and who were actually reasonably good with UI stuff. They got popular while my site dwindled. For the past 3 months however I have been working very hard on plumbing in new pieces of functionalities that might just be what I need at this point but this time I want to work with someone who is good with UI stuff and most importantly someone whom I can rely on. Someone who I know is honest and has slightly extended vision of life than the immediate 50 USD I can pay up.

But alas, like most things in my life this has been evading me for so long now I wonder if I would ever find someone like this. I don't even know why I am writing this here. Never once have I mentinoed my mortal self on my blog prior to this moment. But then there has to be a first time sometime, right?


  1. Thespian said...
    Haha! Guess the frustration got to u really bad, you had to spit it out somewhere! :P

    Well, all I gotta say to u is, patience is a virtue. ;)

    Good luck!
    John F said...
    LOL yeah it did! Basically I am stuck up with these things that I need to get done and that is really irritating me. Everything else is ready just this small bit is stopping up the entire bloody thing!

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