Friday, 9 May 2008

I was recently tagged by Ashu to do this tag. I can not beleive it that I am doing this from my office! Damn I think I have finally stopped giving f*** about this anymore :D

The power of 8

8 things I am passionate about...

1. Technology
2. Matrix (
3. My BlackBerry
4. Movies
5. Books
6. My car
7. My Home
8. TV

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Either be a multi millionaire or be an isolated monk in a buddhist monastery or something like that
2. Put my country back on track
3. Get in shape!
4. Own a big house
5. Make a positive impact on this world
6. Own a Bentley
7. Write a book
8. Take millions of pounds and dollars worth of loans from as many banks as possible in US and UK and Europe the day before I die....:D

8 things I say often
1) Kya chu**yaap hai
2) WTF
3) Jeez
4) Dude
5) Teri m*** ki
6) It is all for the best
7) I need food
8) I need beer

8 books I last read
1. Prisoner of Birth - Jeffery Archer
2. Inheritance of Loss - Anita Desai
3. Six Sacred Stones - Matthew Reilly
4. Bourne Supermacy - Robert Ludlum
5. Shalimar the clown - Salman Rushdie
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - JKR
7. Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly
8. Cant remember shit(e) - Me

8 songs I could listen to over and over again...
1. Full Circle (Aerosmith)
2. Knocking on heaven's door(G n R)
3. Ek Hi Khwaab (Bhupinder and Gulzar)
4. Raat Yoon Dil Main Teri (Nayyara Noor)
5. Most songs by Floyd
6. Jadoo hai Nasha hai (movie: Jism)
7. Open Skies - Parikrama
8. Junoon (Abhijeet Sawant)

8 people I think should do this tag...Actually 7

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Watched this over the last weekend and trust me as much as I wanted to do this review as soon as I was out the cinema I have had one helluva crazy week at my job. Had no bandwidth whatsoever to be able to do anything other than my blasted work! Every day I spend at this job, everyday my belief in Oscar Wilde’s saying (Refer: strengthens.
Anyhows holding myself firmly in check lest I should shoot of on a completely different tangent moaning about a job I so very much wanted, worked hard to get and eventually got but now barely month in which I feel stuck and which makes me wonder everyday why I wanted this in the first place after all, I shall get back to the business in hand (no I don’t mean my beer just in case you know me and were beginning to wonder which come to think of it why would you even if you know me, its not like I am an alcoholic and if you do know me then you would also know that I haven’t drunk any alcohol for a month and not smoked a single smoke in more than that time as well so there is no point really in my mentioning about my beer is it? Oh darn! I shot off another tangent, mayday mayday, someone keep me in check!) and would start with the review of this movie titled – Tashan!
So let’s begin then by summarizing the movie in one word – Tashan!


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